Protest against PM Narendra Modi outside Madison Square

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New York, Sept 29: Protesters assembled outside the Madison Square here on Sunday while Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the non-resident Indians. The people shouted slogans against the Indian prime minister with banners and placards in their hands reading 'India is not a Hindu state India is for all', 'Modi Prime Murderer of India', 'No More Hate No More Killing', 'Convict Modi Arrest Modi' etc., etc.

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The Alliance for Justice and Accountability, a coalition of bodies and individuals which organised the protest, was backed by several Indian Americans. One of the members of the organising body said 70% of Indians did not vote for Modi in the general election this year and that they were representing that group.

Modi was denied visa by the USA over the 2002 Gujarat riots. In March last year, his keynote address at the prestigious Wharton India Economic Forum in Pennsylvania was cancelled in the face of strong opposition from professors, students and other stakeholders. Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat then.

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