President Obama's popularity is sinking, says poll

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Washington, Dec 17: President Barack Obama, who began his second term in office last year, is slowly losing his popularity, a Washington Post-ABC News poll has said. According to a report published in The Washington Post, the position of the USA's first black president has declined when compared to that he had a year ago. A large number of Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Democrat President's job performance and the advantage that he had once over the Republicans.

Many Americans have expressed dissatisfaction with Obama's job performance

The healthcare law and Washington's debatable Syrian policy were two of Obama's low points that had left many upset. The partial shutdown of the government caused by partisan conflict has been another mark on the US administration in the Obama days.

Some comparisons between Obama and the Republicans:

1. Better to handle the country's main issues: Both Obama and the Republicans tied at 41 per cent. A year ago, Obama's position was much better.

2. Better to deal with the economy: Obama at 41 per cent while Republicans at 45 per cent (It was 54% in favour of Obama last year)

3. Overall approval rating for Obama: 43 per cent (disapproval at 55 per cent). Last year, 54% approved of Obama's overall performance while 42 disapproved.

Even after the huge adversity that Obama's party suffered in the 2010 mid-term polls, Obama's approval rating was higher at 49 per cent.

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