China on way to dethrone US as dominant economic power?

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US to be number two after China?
New York, Nov 5: Americans feel that they are no longer the world most 'supreme nation anymore,' a poll has revealed. 

According to a poll reported in the Wall Street Journal [read here], many Americans feel that China is slowly on its way to dethrone US from being the world's 'dominant economic power.'

The poll was conducted by the financial website, The Street and the results showed that nearly a third of Americans believed that China was taking over United States in terms of economy.

About 43 per cent felt that US would remain world's dominant economic power for the next five to seven years.

The US has remained as the world's biggest national economy since 1871, but more than half of the Americans believe that there is an expiry date to this and the country will soon be number two after China.

Though US has twice the GDP of China, the poll points out that slow economic growth over the years can alter perceptions.

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