MH370: 122 potential objects sited, MA and Boeing to face legal suit

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Kuala Lumpur, March 27:As fresh pieces of evidence, European aerospace giant Airbus found 122 potential objects, probably from the debris of the missing flight MH 370 in the southern Indian Ocean. On one hand, the images have accelerated the aim of retrieving the debris, on the other hand, US law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered International fired the first lawsuits against the Malaysian Airline and Boeing.

However, transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that it was impossible to determine whether the objects sited were that of MH370, which disappeared mysteriously on March 8.

Some of the objects were as long as 75 feet, giving faint hints of detecting the crash site finally. And if that is proved right, the Malaysian Airline and Boeing will have to bear the lawsuits of millions of dollars per head.

"We are going to be filing the lawsuits for millions of dollars per each passenger based on prior cases that we have done involving crashes like this one," the firm's head of aviation litigation, Monica Kelly, told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.

An end to agonising wait?

After over 15 days of agonising wait about news of their relatives onboard, this could be the final lap of their pain when they have to cope up with the sad news. However, the relatives have not stopped fighting the Malaysian authorities demanding a clear picture of the incident.

About 2/3rd of the passengers were Chinese and hence China is taking extra effort in the search operations and in creating pressure on the Malaysian government.

Premier Li Keqiang of China urged the Malaysian authorities to involve more Chinese experts for the mystery. Hishammuddin however said that Prime Minister Najib Razak met Zhang Yesui, a Chinese vice foreign minister sent to Kuala Lumpur over the crisis and gave him full details.

"Malaysia has provided his excellency and his delegation with a full update on the latest information from Inmarsat," Hishammuddin said.


First it was the bad weather that slowed down the search operation and now it is the undersea volcanoes that create a rugged floor. Although a US Navy black box locator has arrived at Perth, it would be difficult to trace them because of the rugged ocean bed.

However, experts say that the operation will have to be completed quickly as the battery of the locator may drain out in the next two weeks.

In Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur

This graphic released by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency on Wednesday March 26, 2014, shows satellite imagery taken on March 23, 2014, with the approximate positions of objects seen floating in the southern Indian Ocean in the search zone for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said at a news conference in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday that a satellite has captured images of 122 objects close to where three other satellites previously detected objects.

In Beijing

In Beijing

Chinese relatives of Chinese passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, flight MH370, scuffle with police officers outside the Malaysia embassy in Beijing, China, Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Furious over Malaysia's handling of the lost jetliner a day after the country said the passengers must be dead, Chinese relatives of the missing marched Tuesday to the Malaysia Embassy, where they threw plastic water bottles, tried to rush the gate and chanted, "Liars!".

In Medan

In Medan

Relatives comfort Suwarni, center, the mother of Sugianto Lo, who was onboard the Malaysia Airlines plane, flight MH370, with his wife Vinny, at her residence in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Tuesday, March 25, 2014. After 17 days of desperation and doubt over the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, the country's officials said an analysis of satellite data points to a "heartbreaking" conclusion: Flight 370 met its end in the southern reaches of the Indian Ocean, and none of those aboard survived.

In Beijing

In Beijing

A relative of one of the Chinese passengers aboard the Malaysia Airlines, MH370 grieves after being told of the latest news in Beijing, China, Monday, March 24, 2014. A new analysis of satellite data indicates the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed into a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Monday. Malaysia Airlines said in a statement to the families that "our prayers go out to all the loved ones of the 226 passengers and of our 13 friends and colleagues at this enormously painful time."

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