Paris attacks has the signature of the ISIS

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Paris, Nov 14: Paris was hit by a coordinated terror strike in which 120 persons have died. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the more one looks at it, it appears as though it was an attack by the ISIS or the al-Qaeda.

The reason why several analysts may tilt towards the fact that it was a full fledged terror group that carried out the attack is because it was coordinated perfectly which meant there was a lot of planning that has gone into it.

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Is ISIS behind the deadly Paris attacks?

This time around experts would lean more towards the ISIS being behind this attack. There is a fight for one up-manship and with the al-Qaeda taking credit for the Charlie Hebdo attack, the ISIS would have wanted its share of credit too.

Planned in Syria or Iraq?

An attack of this magnitude would have required several months of planning. It appears as though a full fledged module of the ISIS may have planned these coordinated strikes in either Iraq or Syria where they have a strong base.

Another reason why this attack could be attributed to the ISIS is because the manner in which it was staged. If one may recall, a couple of months back an ISIS in-house magazine had spoken about coordinated strikes involving several persons at multiple locations.

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The Paris attack witnessed exactly what the ISIS magazine was speaking about. The ISIS did not want a lone wolf attack as the scope of the damage is limited. This time it had called for a coordinated strike at multiple locations in a major city.

Experts say that there the attacks were very similar to the 26/11 attacks of Mumbai. The 26/11 attack was designed to last over a period of time involving a hostage crisis as well. Such attacks are bound to create a greater impact and also damages the psyche of the people to a larger extent.

If one looks at the Paris strike it was similar to the one at Mumbai. However what one also got to witness in the Paris strike is that despite there being a hostage crisis, no demands were made. The terrorists only wanted mayhem and shot down almost a 100 people after they had taken them hostage.

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Training programme

It is clear that the guns used in the attacks were Kalashnikovs. Terror groups have used contacts with illegal arms dealers to sources such weapons and they have been able to do it with much ease.

However experts say that this attack which was planned over a few months may have not involved intense training. The terrorists had resorted to mindless fire as was expected of them and for this there is no intense training that is required.

However the planning would have involved the logistics and also the selection of the targets. The attackers had done their homework and knew exactly which venues to target. They managed to target crowded areas such as a foot ball stadium where a match was on.

Further they also targeted a concert hall where they inflicted the maximum damage.

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