Pakistan uses terrorist outfits as proxies: US army general

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Washington, Jul 9: In a tacit acknowledgement that Pakistan continues to rely on terrorist outfits as proxies to serve as an instrument of national security policy, a top American general today told lawmakers that the US and Pakistan have differences on the issue, but asserted that financial and military aid to Islamabad would continue.

"Areas of divergent interest with Pakistan include our views on the use of proxies and the importance of a positive and stable Pakistan-India relationship," General Joseph Dunford, the nominee for the position of US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee in a written response to questions during his confirmation hearing.

Pak uses terrorist outfits as proxies: US army general.
Dunford said key US strategic interests in Pakistan are preventing al-Qaeda's resurgence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to limit its ability to attack America, preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology, and promoting regional stability, including a peaceful outcome in Afghanistan.

Noting that the relationship with Pakistan is fundamental to the US' vital national security interests, Dunford said the US will need to continue cooperation with Pakistan to defeat al-Qaeda, support Pakistan's stability, and achieve a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Responding to a question, Dunford said Pakistan has cooperated with the US in its operations against al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations.

Pakistan's actions in North Waziristan and other areas of western Pakistan have disrupted groups that are a threat to US personnel and objectives in Afghanistan.

"We will continue to work with Pakistan to do more," he said. 


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