Pakistan is afraid of Chotoo, here is big story of Chotoo gang

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New Delhi, Apr 21: The Pakistani security forces faced tough time while fighting with the dreaded Chotoo gang became a nightmare in the country.

The violent stand-off came to an end after, Ghulam Rasool alias 'Chotoo' the leader of the notorious gang surrendered unconditionally before the Pakistan Army along with his gangsters in Rajanpur area in Punjab province. This was announced on Wednesday.

Who is Chotoo in Pakistan?

At least seven policemen, mostly Elite Force commandos, and as many gangsters, were killed in the shootout while 22 others were taken hostage by the gang during a police raid to clear their island hideout as the criminals demanded safe passage in exchange for their release.

Here are some facts you need to know about Chotoo and his gang

  • Ghulam Rasool alias Chotoo, who worked as security guard of an MP for 3-5 years, is the leader of the Chotoo gang.
  • He also had long association with Punjab police. He used to serve as informer for police till 2007. 
  • Chotoo who belongs to Bakrani clan of Mazari tribe set up his own gang after he developed differences with police over unknown reasons.
  • The riverine area of Kachi Jamal in Rajanpur is considered as a stronghold of the Chotoo gang.
  • Chooto never carried out any criminal activity in his stronghold rather he is known for helping the locals.
  • Police conducted biggest operation against him in 2010 which lasted for three months.
  • The last operation was conducted in 2013.
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