Pak columnist advocates jihad against India, attacks UAE for providing land for Hindu temple

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Islamabad, Dec 10: A prominent Pakistani pro-Islamism columnist has advocated to continue jihad against India in an article published in the Urdu-language Pakistani jihadi weekly Zarb-e-Momin.

Pro-Islamism columnist Oriya Maqbool Jaan in his article "New Alignments" attacked UAE for providing land to build a Hindu temple in Dubai.

Pak writer calls for jihad against India

The UAE allotted land for building a Hindu temple in Dubai, the first in the Emirati capital when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Gulf nation in August this year.

Criticising UAE he said that idolatry into the Arabian Peninsula was eliminated 1,400 years ago by Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The weekly Zarb-e-Momin is published by the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Rashid Trust charity. It openly supports Al-Qaeda-linked jihadi organizations in Afghanistan. The magazine is freely available in towns across Pakistan.

Following is the text of the column, as translated from Urdu:

"In The Arabian Peninsula, Where 1,400 Years Ago... [Muhammad] Eradicated Polytheism And Idolatry, His Followers Have Gifted Land For The Construction Of A House Of Idols"

"This news might not have become that public if the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dead drunk with his success, had not announced it on his Twitter account that the government of the United Arab Emirates has provided land for building a Hindu temple in Dubai. This news will surprise the world - that in the Arabian Peninsula, where 1,400 years ago the Leader of Prophets [Muhammad] eradicated polytheism and idolatry, his followers have gifted land for the construction of a house of idols in one of its territories. But those who believe in the prophecies of the leader of the two worlds [Muhammad], and whose belief and faith in his prophecies is strengthening with the passage of time, clearly foretold the signs of Doomsday which Allah revealed to him.

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"The Prophet's Hadith [tradition] recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari [one of the six collections of Hadiths] said that no Doomsday will happen till the women of the Doos tribe will make the rounds of the Zoalkhsla idol temple. In the period of ignorance [i.e. before the advent of Islam] idol temples were established everywhere, and people used to worship idols... In southwest Arabia, the Doos tribe lived, and their idol temple was in Zoalkhsla. When the true religion [Islam] spread, then this tribe's name disappeared.

"However, Dubai is the kind of city where you can find places of worship for every religion in the world, including Hindu temples. For ages, Dubai's economy has been linked with such an environment; even though there is no production in the region, that region is surely rich. In the language of business or economy, it is called free market environment. In this environment, not only trade but morality and values also become free [of constraints].

"Before Dubai, this environment was created in cities which were either conquered by America or other international powers, or were American allies in any of its wars. These countries allowed America and its allies to establish military bases. The Philippines city Manila was one of the first laboratories of that [free] environment. In 1901, a Chicago Tribune reporter told the story of Manila, where American soldiers had gone to free the Philippine people from the oppression of Spain's Catholic Christian rulers."

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