'Pained by women's rejection', man kills 6 before comitting suicide

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California, May 25: A 22-year-old man on Friday killed six people before killing himself in a rampage that started in his apartment and occurred across Isla Vista, a college town in California near the University of California campus at Santa Barbara. The assassin, Elliot Rodger, son of a Hollywood director, stabbed three people while shot the rest on the streets from his car. Thirteen people were also injured. Two out of the six killed were women college students.

Rodger took his own life after a shootout with the police, said the latter. Three legal guns and over 400 rounds of unspent ammunition were found in Rodger's car.

The assassin was mentally disturbed because of rejection by women, suspect cops

Rodger reportedly posted a video in which he was seen bitterly complaining of loneliness and rejection by women and speaking about his plan to kill those who he suspected to have rejected him.

Police authorities later said that Rodger looked to be a mentally disturbed person. The police had three meetings with Rodger prior to Friday's tragedy but didn't find anything abnormal in his behaviour.

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