Osama Bin Laden's pornography to remain classified

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Washington, May 21: Several 100 files relating to Osama Bin Laden have been declassified, but the CIA has decided to put on hold some files which relate to the pornography stash found at the Abottabad compound in which the Al-Qaeda chief was staying.

The Navy seals had found an extensive stash of pornographic clippings on a computer that was being used by Osama Bin Laden. However it has been decided that these files would remain under wraps.

Laden's pornography to remain classified

Osama's pornographic files

When the raids were conducted on the compound at Abottabad, the Navy Seals had found several stashes of pornographic material on the computer of Osama Bin Laden. However it was unclear whether Laden was the one viewing the material or did it belong to some of his subordinates who were present in the compound along with him.

There are over a 1000 files [read here] relating to Osama Bin Laden which were seized by the US when they raided his compound and killed him. Only a little over 100 files have been declassified as of now and in the days to come many more will be released.

The process of declassifying the files began last July itself. In the first phase they have declassified over 100 pages which indicate the mindset of Osama and his plans to fight against the US till his last breath.

Porn files will remain classified

As of now there are no plans by the US to declassify those huge stacks of porn that were found at the Abottabad compound. These will remain classified for several reasons.

After the raid, the Americans took these files along them with them and even had sent it for analysis.

However it is unclear whether these videos were being viewed by him or his three wives. There is also talk that it could have been used by his subordinates who were also present along with him.

The declassification of the porn files are unlikely since the US feels that these are not relevant. Moreover there is also no clarity on whether these were being viewed by Laden himself and hence they may continue to remain under the wraps.

Laden was always in charge

The files that were declassified bust that myth that Bin Laden had relinquished control over the Al-Qaeda. It was stated that the job of running the outfit was handed over to his deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

However a close reading of the entire document reveals that Bin Laden had never given up. He was not only grooming his son to take over the Al-Qaeda, but was very much involved in the day to day affairs of the oufit.

On reading those files the US realized that they had misjudged the leadership issue and Bin Laden was very much in charge of the outfit. Further it was also found that Bin Laden till his last breath only focused on attacks on the US. He had also predicted in one of the documents that the war on terror will damage the US economy.

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A lover of conspiracy

Bin Laden's files show that he had a keen interest in conspiracy theories. He spent a lot of time reading various books as he has ample time on hand.

Laden had a great collection of English books in his library and a majority of them were related to conspiracy theories against the US.

Some of the books that were seized were relating to subjects of conspiracy against the US banking system, publications by several think tanks, plots by the Jews and also books on himself.

Some of the other books found on the compound were Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, copies of New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin, and an article titled Website Claims Steve Jackson Games Foretold 9/11.

France was next in line

While Bin Laden always focused on the United States of America, the files recovered also show that he had a France on his mind.

The documents show that he had collected a lot of material about France. There are around 19 documents relating to France alone. All these documents were compiled under the sub-category France.

Among the titles relating to France were the- France on Radioactive Waste Management 2008, Lessons in Restructuring the Defense Industry, the French Experience, Wage Inequality in France and Economic Survey of France 2009.

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