On Twitter: The couple that missed the MH 370 flight

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Kuala Lumpur, March 11: While Malaysia and the entire world is praying for the passengers of the vanished Malaysian Airline, a couple joins in the prayer too who missed getting on the ill-fated flight by an inch.

According to a DNA report, just before the Malaysian Airline flight MH370 was scheduled to depart on Saturday, a man got a call from his coworker that she was feeling overworked and ill. He missed the flight.

This was sheer luck for Cylithria Dubois and her partner and lover by the name of @KaidenDL on Twitter.

In an email response to Twitter, a relieved Cylithria said,"I am deeply chagrined by the attention that Kaiden and I drew upon ourselves with our tweets. At a time when the focus should be upon those aboard the ill-fated flight and their loved ones, I feel rather dumb speaking at all."

In a public statement on her blog, she was explicit about her relief saying,"Kaiden is my best friend, my buddy, my guy. He's man I love with all of my heart, even if I didn't realise it in full, before this. The moment I feared he was gone from earth was excruciating. There are no words to convey the overwhelming relief or gratitude that flooded me when I saw his tweets to me. "If I had one thing to say to anyone enduring through the loss of Flight MH370 it would be I am so very sorry. I am sorry for your pains, your troubles, your sorrows, and fears."

The Twitter conversation between the duo are as follows:

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