Now, headband to help you manage stress

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Washington, Jun 18: A new headband that reads brain waves and provides real-time feedback to wearers can help them manage stress and lower anxiety.

The 'Muse' headband is lined with seven electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors that detect the brain's electrical activity.


Wearers are asked to participate in a three-minute guided exercise that aims to reduce stress, calm anxiety and increase concentration.

The headband connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and sends information about the wearer's state of mind to a smartphone app, named Calm, 'Discovery News' reported.

The app uses the feedback to generate a series of graphs and charts, displaying performance and spikes that represent moments of distraction. Users can also track their progress over time.

Sustained use of the device will train one's brain to stay more naturally calm and focused, claims Interaxon, the Toronto-based company which developed the headband.

The product website explains the benefits of focused attention training. "Research has shown using an app and starting with 3 to 5 minutes can dramatically help you with mental exercises like meditation," the website said. The Muse headband costs USD 300.


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