Norway: Over 320 reindeer killed in lightning strike

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Oslo, Aug 30: In a bizarre incident, more than 320 wild reindeer were killed by a lightning strike in Norway last week, leaving wildlife officials shocked. They described it as an "unusually large natural disaster".

The Norwegian Environment Agency later released images of reindeer carcasses lying across an area on Hardangervidda mountain plateau. It said 323 animals, including 70 calves, were killed in the tragedy that occurred on August 26.

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The agency told AP that though death of reindeer or other wild animals in lightning strikes is not something unusual but it was the first time that they came to learn about such staggering numbers.


It was told that the fact that reindeer stay close to each other in the bad weather could be the reason why so many of them were killed at once.

Scores of reindeer migrate across the Hardanangervidda plateau during the seasonal change.


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