Shocking: 'North Korea's Kim Jong-Un to attack US soon'

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Seoul, Jan 7: North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un has been accused of hatching the plan of attacking US. South Korea hurled such allegations against Jong-Un saying he would attack South Korea and organisations overseas as well.

South Korea's defence ministry recently claimed that North Korea would use a 6,000-strong cyber army to launch attacks on its military and government, as well as US.

Kim Jong-Un

South Korea's defence ministry also claimed that North Korea is likely to use nuclear warheads with the advance of rocket technology and efforts to minimise the radioactive bombs.

Surprisingly, Seoul's statement on North Korea's plan to attack South Korea and US surfaced just days after Jong-Un's New Year speech in which he asserted that he was open to 'high level' talks with the South.

Earlier media reports quoted officials of South Korea's defence ministry as saying that Jong-Un had 3,000 hackers at its disposal. However, in their latest report, they doubled that number to 6,000.

The revised estimate comes after Kim's regime was blamed for hacking movie producer Sony Pictures in retaliation for making film The Interview, depicting the assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

In his New Year address, Jong-Un set a few conditions to resume high-level talks with South. Agreements for the South to stop undermining his regime, and to cease all joint military exercises with the US in the waters around North Korea are a few among those conditions.

According to sources, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye too is in favour of resuming talks, however, she refused to accept the condition of ending the military drills.

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