Nirbhaya controversy: India fails to silence BBC film, says Washington Post

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Bengaluru, March 6: 'India failed to silence a BBC film exposing the New Delhi bus gang rape', the headline of report in the Washington Post said on Friday. [Nirbhaya, Mukesh 'Hannibal the Cannibal' & the Great Indian Hypocrisy]

"Leslee Udwin, who has spent the past two years producing a searing documentary that examines the cultural underpinnings of a shocking Delhi gang rape that ushered in a painful bout of soul searching in India, conceded as much. "I'm hoarse," she told the BBC on Thursday as controversy over her movie roiled the subcontinent. "But I'm not muzzled. Nor will I be muzzled." [Nirbhaya documentary: Why Mukesh Singh's clothes hold key]

Nirbhaya-BBC: What Washington Post said

A massive controversy broke out after film maker Udwin interviewed Mukesh Singh, one of the convicts in the Nirbhaya gangrapae case in Tihar Jail and the latter blamed the victim for her plight. The Indian government faced the heat for allowing the interview to go ahead and had to take on the foreign broadcaster to stop airing the film.

"On Wednesday, the BBC nonetheless showed "India's Daughter," which sketches the troubling tale of a 23-year-old woman who was raped by six men inside a private bus, sustaining injuries so profound that she later died. In the film, one of the rapists in a jailhouse interview blamed the victim for what happened to her," the Washington Post report said.

The decision to ban the documentary, however, produced little result as several people have already viewed the film on Youtube. On Wednesday, more than 3 lakh people watched the film in the UK.

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