News reader cries while reporting about bloodied Aleppo boy

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Washington, Aug 19: Thirty-three-year-old broadcast journalist Kate Bolduan was visibly emotional while reporting live on CNN about a young boy who was pulled out of the rubble in Aleppo in Syria after a deadly air strike. [Russia responds to ceasefire call]

Bolduan paused soon after starting speaking on the news, cleared her throat, blinked several times and took a breath before getting on with the task in hand.



Kate Bolduan was visibly moved while reporting live on CNN about a boy that was pulled from the rubble after a deadly air strike in Syria.

Bolduan starts, then pauses, clears her throat, blinks several times and sighs before taking a breath and continuing her report on the aftermath of the air strike. Her voice trembled as she said that the house of the boy named Omran was destroyed and he was buried.

"Omran is left inside that ambulance, alone, bloodied, as rescuers go back into the rubble looking for any one else who may have survived," Bolduan reported. She put her hand over her mouth as her voice cracked while reporting but stopped herself.

"What strikes me is we shed tears, but there are no tears here," she said, struggling to control her emotions. "He doesn't cry once. That little boy is in total shock. He's stunned, inside his home one moment and the next, lost in the fury and the flurry of war and chaos," Bolduan added.


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