Theories emerge around MH 370, plane may have been shot down by US

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Did MH 370 land in some remote place?
Kuala Lumpur, April 23: Investigators, who are investigating the case of the missing Malaysian Airline MH 370 have not given up the theory that the plane may have been hijacked or crashed in some remote place.

Reports suggest that the team investigating the case may now look into the possibility that the plane has landed somewhere else and that all the 227 passengers onboard are indeed alive.

Sources say that since no possible debris have been found there is a chance that the plane has landed someplace and that the passengers are alive.

Another theory suggests that MH 370 may have been abducted by aliens

Attempts to recover the debris of the plane have not yielded any positive results. Bad weather too has proven to be a hinderance in the search. While officials did confirm that they have received pings from Indian ocean, that are likely to be emitted from the black box, investigators are yet to close in on the search.

Some theroies also doing the rounds on the internet is that US may have shot down the plane and is allegedly trying to cover up. Another theory that many support is that the plane was abducted by aliens.

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