Nepal vents anger against India for interference on Constitution

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Kathmandu, Sept 22: #BackOffIndia is the hashtag that is being used on the social media by those opposing India's interference to the new constitution that has been promulgated by Nepal.

With nearly 50,000 tweets under this hashtag the message to India from Nepal is that they want no interference where their Constitution is concerned.


The Madhesis and Tharus who living in the Terai areas have been protesting stating that they were left out when the new Constitution was being promulgated.

India has raised concerns as these protests in which 40 persons have already died could spill over into Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Stop the interference:

There were several messages on the social media sites which indicate that Nepal was not in favour of interference by India on the Constitution.

India's message to Nepal calling for wider consultations on the Constitution has not gone down well with many in Nepal.

India has expressed concern over the widespread violence in Nepal and even urged the political parties to resolve the issue.

This is the second time that the people of Nepal have expressed anger against India in the past five months. The hashtag #GoHomeIndian media in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake was trending.

This was created thanks to the insensitive coverage of the earthquake by the Indian media.

India's concern is security:

India has however,  made it clear that it does not wish to interfere. All it pointed out was that all sections ought to have been consulted.

Moreover, the bigger issue for India is that the violence along the Nepal border could spill into India.

With the Bihar elections coming up, the security mechanism is focused on the poll preparations. India cannot afford to deploy forces for a spill out of violence from another country.

The risk of infiltrations has also gone up thanks to this violence.

India had conveyed in the strongest words to Nepal that there needs to be an amendment to the newly approved Constitution.

India has made it clear that the views of the Madhesi people have to be considered before Nepal decides to adopt the Constitution.

India has said that the if all voices are not considered then the violence could be widespread.

India shares a border with Nepal and if the violence does not subside then it could well spread into the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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