Nepal Constitution: India sends a strongly worded message

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Kathmandu, Sept 21: The approval of the new Constitution of Nepal has not gone down too well with India. There is widespread violence which could well spill into Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and India cannot afford such a scenario.

To top it all the new Constitution has been welcomed by China.


India was extremely upset that despite assurances given by Nepal that all sections would be taken into consideration before the new Constitution is approved was not lived up to.

India has now conveyed in the stongest words to Nepal that there needs to be an amendment to the newly approved Constitution.

The daunting problem here is that the Madhesi people were not taken into consideration before the new constitution was approved.

India was told that all voices will be considered, but the Madhesi people were left out.

India assured of amendment:

Sources tell OneIndia that the issue of an amendment to the Constitution has been conveyed to Nepal in the strongest of words.

India has made it clear that the views of the Madhesi people have to be considered before Nepal decides to adopt the Constitution.

India has said that the if all voices are not considered then the violence could be widespread. India shares a border with Nepal and if the violence does not subside then it could well spread into the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

At the moment in Bihar the entire security mechanism is busy with the elections and this spilling over of violence cannot be dealt with.

The violence is extremely high in the Terai region which borders India and if the fighting continues, then India would have to deal with the added problem of migration as well.

The Nepali Congress, Maoist Party and the UML reached a cconsensus and decided to approve the Constitution.

However, there has been a section of people who feel left out and there are others who feel that the secular nature of the Constitution is not acceptable and Nepal should remain a Hindu nation.

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