Nasa launches 'supersonic flying saucer': See video

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Nasa launches 'supersonic flying saucer': See video
Washington, Aug 11: Space agency Nasa has released a new video footage of its latest space project - launch of a new "supersonic flying saucer".

The saucer, officially named Low Density Supersonic Decelerator,  was launched from Hawaii on the 28 June, said a Independent.UK report. The video shows it being launched to a height of 120,000ft into orbit by a giant balloon.

The device has been made to protect Nasa's spacecrafts during landings in space. Apparently, the saucer will reduce the speed of spacecraft on landings, thereby making it easier for Nasa to land craft on planets like Mars. On landing,the device helps reduce a spacecraft's speed from four times the speed of sound to two and a half times the speed of sound, said the Independent.UK report.

Currently, Nasa uses huge-sized parachutes to land NASA's Curiosity Rovers craft on Mars. However, for future missions, Nasa will be employing spacecraft much heavier than Curiosity Rover, which means a new reduced landing speed will be essential.

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