In Pics: NASA finds 'spiders' on Mars

NASA spacecraft has spotted in what is being described as Spiders on the surface of Mars.

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Scientists of NASA have spotted in what is being described as Spiders (because of their appearance) on the surface of Mars.

NASA finds 'spiders' on Mars

Spiders spotted on Red planet

With the help of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft it was found that how small troughs are growing on Mars that took several Martian years (one Mars year is equal to around 1.9 Earth years) across the south polar region of the Mars.

Range of the spider:

The spiders range is believed to be in size from tens to hundreds of metres and take more than 1000 Martian years to form.

How are Spiders created:

According to NASA, during the spring season the dry ice (better known as Carbondioxide) breaks into Mars' crust and emits carbon dioxide which leads to the formation of dark features called as 'Spiders'.

Where are they found:

These mysterious spiders are basically found in sand-dune areas near Mars' southern polar region.

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