What Narendra Modi said in Allphones Arena

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Sydney, Nov 17: Like the Indian Americans in US, Indians in Australia too are eager to meet their Prime MInister. While some claim to have sleepless nights with excitement, there are others who are planning to reach the stadium early to grab a seat closest to him. Get live updates to people's reaction to the PM's visit in the city and what he said there.

"There is also this debate about OCI and PIO, about special treatments. I have decided to merge both. When I made promises to PIOs/NRIs they didnt belve me because promises had been made bfr,but we got working on it.

What Modi said in Sydney

You remember there was a time of police verification for you when you came to India. It was very odd. Over now. I have started a website called mygov.in. Please post your suggestions and your complaints on it. Can anyone even imagine this? Today is a working day and such huge crowds in the arena."

Refers to Madison Square, said," I have started implementing everything I promised there."

2:21 pm: Laws have burdened us, but I like breaking laws; have done away interference of gazetted officer certifying self 

2:19 pm: It may take 5yrs or 10yrs, but skill development should be a constant concern. Youth needs to be developed: PM

We are blessed, world's requirement for workforce can be met by Indians. But skill development is important: PM

2:15 pm: In Gujarat wanted Japanese investment but were told if u dont hv golf, Japanese wont come. So created golf course: PM on invstmnt environmnt. With a lot of courage we opted for 100% FDA in railways in India. Have such a huge market & window for improvement. With a lot of courage we opted for 100% FDI in railways in India. Have such a huge market & window for improvement.

2:11 pIllness is a big burden on the poor. There is no greater service to the poor than focussing on cleanliness: PM m: 

India has what the entire world put together has. We need the confidence, the will.

We should learn 'Dignity of Labour' from Australia. Our mindsets in India has to change. We should respect each and everyone equally. 

Make a contribution in your village to build toilets.

Modi: People responded to Jan Dhan Yogna, deposited money to be part of the movt. Someone in audience

71 million bank accounts hv already opened in last 10 weeks. Same ppl, same departments...did the work happen or not?

2:00 pm:

1:55 pm:

You have adopted the ways of life here and our puranas say that we should be one of the 'Karmabhoomi'.  You make us proud.

Can we change the fate of our country? There is no reason why I should think that our country will lag behind. These 2.5 crore young hands should pledge that they will take the country forward.

1:38 pm: Gods had 1000 hands, Mother India has 1.5 crore hands.

It takes just a few hours to reach Australia from India, but the PM of India reached Australia in 28 years.

1:33 pm: Modi should not be the recipient of this respect and love, but the 1.5 billion citizens of the great nation India. I see a alot of people standing outside; this image in Sydney is revolutionizing the countrymen in India.

Remembering the words of Swami Vivekananda, he quoted the Swami saying: "for 50 years, people of India should forget their gods and goddesses. Worship only Bharat Mata to take her to the top of the world."

And look at the strength of the words of that great man, that just after 50 years, India was free. There are many people like me who were born in Independent India. I am lucky that I was born in Independent India, but then dawned the responsibility of making India truely free. We did not have the privilege to fight for the freedom of the country, serve perilous punishment for it. But we can pledge that we have to live for the country. tolerate for the country and face all hurdles for the country.

1:24 pm: I pay the respect to the elders of the past and the present: Modi

1:20 pm:

1:14 pm: Narendra Modi meets Bret Lee, cartoonist Ramesh Chandra

1:01 pm: Bret Lee and Tanishtha Chatterjee address the crowd in the stadium with 'Namaste' and 'Kkem Chho'

Modi is likely to deliver his speech at 1 pm

Modi arrives at the Allphones Area

12:17 am:

11:42 am: Karnatic music by Yuva Sangeeta Margam group

11:39 am: Program begins with "Vakratunda Mahakaya"

11:30 am: Modi receives Boomerang from Aborigins

11: 17 am: Look what is there onboard Modi Express

10:45 am: Indian traditional musicians welcome Modi grandly

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10:30 am: Sydney: First time we have such a great man,India is fortunate to have such a leader-Ramesh Chandra,Cancer-stricken cartoonist Ramesh Chandra

10:00 am: 

9:33 am: Modi welcomed with aboriginal dance form from Australia

8:28 am:  PM Modi arrives in Sydney

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