Another rockstar welcome for Narendra Modi as he woos Indian community in Shanghai

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Shanghai, May 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed the Indian community here and said: "I never thought I would get the opportunity to see a mini-India before me like today."

Thanking the people here, Modi said 'I had not imagined that a year later on the same day (16th May) I would get an opportunity like this."

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"This was not a welcome for Modi or my delegation. It was a welcome for 1.25 crore Indians. I am very grateful to the President of China for welcoming our delegation in Xi'an," he said.

Speaking of relations between India and China, Modi said that 'India and China can not only help each other but also aid the world in solving many other problem.'

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Addressing the issue of global warming Modi said: "The whole world is discussing one thing - global warming, climate change. This situation mankind has created for itself." He added that there is no part of the world not affected by terrorism.

Modi: I am criticised for working a lot

"We who follow Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam hold the strength to fight terrorism," he said.

Joking about criticism that he faces, Modi said: "I am criticised for working a lot. They question why I visit so many countries. Every minute of my time is only for the 125 crore people of my country. " 


He said that he has tried to complete work that has been pending for 30 years. Speaking about tourism in India Modi said that 'people to people contact increasing will increase our strength.' "Encourage five Chinese nationals to come visit India every year,' he said.

"If we criticise our own country, no one will respect us. International agencies are saying India is the fastest growing economy in the world," he said.

In 2014 end, Narendra Modi had addressed Indians in Madison Square Gardens in New York and Allphones Arena of the Olympic Park in Sydney.

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