'Naked Festival' to scramble lucky Talismans

Posted By: Nithyajith
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Okayama(Japan): A gathering of 9,000 men without wearing their clothes will really stagger any traditional Indian. If it happens infront of a temple, that too will make the situation chaotic.

At the same time, the Hadaki Matsuri, or Naked Festival of Saidaji Temple in Okayama is extremely contrary to the above statement.


In its annual festival, a large number of men will visit the temple, wearing only loincloths, just to grab a pair of lucky talismans thrown by the temple's priests.

While the temple's website points out that the ritual began in 1510. It is believed that the recipients of talismans will have the 'luck' or benefit in the following year. Moreover, a huge number of men reach every year to grab their fortune.

A huge risk is also involved for possessing the talisman. The fight for grabbing fortune has most of the time ended in injuries. According to the organizers, one man died eight years ago at the time of festival.

It is also necessary for every participant in the Naked Festival for not to wear necklaces and glasses. It is essential to keep a piece of paper tucked inside their loincloth, having their name and contact details.

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