Move over sex, drugs make its entry into the US presidential election

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We have had enough of sex talk ahead of the US presidential election, scheduled on November 8.

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Let's talk about drugs for a change. In fact, Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, mooted the idea of bringing "drug" issue at the centre stage, this election season.

Hillary Clinton under the influence of drugs?

Donald Trump on Saturday made another wild claim, without providing any evidence, that his rival, Hillary Clinton, has been "getting pumped up" with performance-enhancing drugs.

He wants Clinton to undergo a drug test, as reported by the CNN. "We should take a drug test before debate," Trump said.

Rigged election?

The Republican nominee alleged that the media was sharing the accusations against him of sexually assaulting women to boost Democrat Clinton and damage his own White House hopes, as reported by the ABC.

WikiLeaks releases Clinton's speeches, again

On Saturday, WikiLeaks released transcripts of Clinton's three paid speeches to the financial giant, Goldman Sachs, as reported by the CNN.

The NBCNEWS provided a detailed account about the content of these speeches that touch upon various issues, including strategy on Syria to relations with Russia.

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