66% Americans believe US presidential election process has broken: Survey

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Washington, March 26: A new Gallup survey released on Friday showed that that around 66 per cent of Americans believe that the process of presidential election in the country is not functional.

They said the system is in a shambles while only 30 per cent was convinced about the election process. The figure was 37 per cent in January, the poll said.

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While the survey said the fall in the number of people believing in the system was caused by the Republican presidential aspirants' "cynical" viewpoints, it said the number remained steady among the supporters of the Democratic Party. [Trump, Republican Party & the Disunited States of America]

The poll said the percentage of Republicans and Independents with a Republican-leaning who still believed in the system's efficacy fell from 46 per cent to 30 per cent in January. [Talks on Trump's dick size is what US presidential poll 2016 has been reduced to]

The Democrats and Democrat-leading Independents have held their views quite consistently, the poll said. [After Trump's dick size, focus is now on his model wife's nude photo]

The survey said both sides have seen a fall in their trust for the election process based on their opinion on the way the election campaign has been conducted this year.

The Republican presidential campaign this election year has been hit by endless number of controversies and scandals whereby the rivals have tried to eclipse each other.

The two front-runner candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have made the headlines time and again for making controversial statements and also hitting each other below the belt. Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate who has withdrawn now, also had ugly spats with Trump in the debates as long as he was in the race.

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