Modi-Obama hug- Tremors felt in Pakistan

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New Delhi, Jan 28: How symbolic was the hug between Narendra Modi and Barack Obama? What was the significance of Modi addressing the US president as Barack? While it makes it clear the two leaders have established a relationship beyond bi-lateral ties, the other key factor is that this rapport has made Pakistan extremely jittery.

Analysts would tell oneindia that the hug indicates that the two leaders share a personal rapport which goes beyond bi-lateral ties. This is bound to cause a lot of heart burn for Paksitan who always felt confident that the US would lean more towards them as has always been the case in the past.

Modi-Obama hug

Are the equations for Pakistan changing?

Old alliances have been overlooked and the outreach by Obama to India has upset us is what Islamabad had to say just hours after the President of the United States of America departed from India to Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement in which it said that Pakistan values its relations with the US and expects it to play a constructive role in the stability and balance in South Asia. One must also not forget that there was a visit made by the Pakistan army chief to China where the latter termed Pakistan as an all weather friend.

Modi-Obama hug- Tremors felt in Pakistan

These are signs that Pakistan is not just concerned but extremely jittery as well. Pakistan was always confident that their relationship with the US was good or lucrative. Although there has been trouble between the two countries on some issues, these were always overlooked as the US considered them to be a partner in the war on terror.

Concerns for Pakistan only increase:

Pakistan has been playing the victim card when it came to terrorism. However Obama was clear that the US will not tolerate any sort of terrorism from Pakistan and that the attackers of 26/11 should be brought to justice. While saying so he also lauded the efforts that Pakistan was making in tackling terror.

Pakistan's tackling of terror has been selective. After all they are the creators of the good and the bad Taliban. The good Taliban are the ones who do not hurt Pakistan while the bad are those who attack them. This is selective approach since it appears that Pakistan is alright with a good Taliban or a Lashkar-e-Tayiba that attacks India.


What worries Pakistan further are some of the discussions that were held between Obama and Modi. The growing clout of China which calls Pakistan an all weather friend was also discussed by Obama. Further the greater role that India would need to play in Afghanistan also came up for discussion.

Pakistan always felt that the bulk of the job in Afghanistan would be done by them with the approval of the US.

However this appears to be changing and with Modi and Obama sharing a rapport on a personal level and recognizing the Pakistan threat, Pakistan has further cause for concern.

Obama has not visited Pakistan:

The fact that Obama has visited India twice and not Pakistan a single time since he took over office is also another cause for concern. Obama infact shared a rapport with the former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and with Modi the relationship only extended further.

It appears as though the Obama administration is not very happy with Pakistan on a lot of fronts. They have been sending in military aid to Pakistan but questions have arisen over the commitment of the Pakistanis.

In fact Obama was scheduled to visit Pakistan a few years back. However that plan was scrapped after the US found Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. This had upset the US a great deal since Pakistan had been in denial about his existence on their soil for several years.

The statements that are made by the US on Pakistan have also left the country wondering what exactly the stand by the super power is. On one hand the US said that the relationship with Pakistan has been good as it has been in years and on the other they say that safe havens for terrorists in Paksitan are not acceptable.

The tough talk by Modi:

Modi was extremely clear with Obama when it came to Pakistan. He stressed the need that the US needs to take a clear stand where Pakistan is concerned. India has always been concerned about the stand by the US on Pakistan. On one hand they speak tough and on the other they send in aid to Pakistan.

Modi-Obama hug

Modi made it clear that although Pakistan is battling a war against terrorism, the problem still arises out of there. The existence of proxies in Pakistan has been causing a headache for India. Pakistan has not been serious about bringing the 26/11 masterminds to justice.

The Indian Prime Minister also stressed on the fact that for India bringing to justice the 26/11 attackers was extremely important. Moreover if there needs to be peace and stability in South Asia, terror havens in Pakistan need to be wiped out.

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