Modi feels "enlightened" with Japan's education system

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Narendra Modi
Tokyo, Sept 1:At a 136-year old school in Tokyo, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the oldest student. After being given a presentation on the country's education system, Modi

emerged from the session saying he was enlightened. Modi said that he came to the Taimei Elimentary School to understand "how modernisation, moral education and

discipline has been blended into Japan's education system."

He entered to the song of little children who bowed when he was leaving; the Prime Minister too bowed back. Recognising the importace of Asia in the world in the next

few years, he also acknowledged the importance of learning languages. Hence, he invited Japanese teachers, even retired ones to come to India and teach their language.

He also proposed online courses as part of his pitch for enhanced cooperation in languages and social values among Asian countries.

He also asked questions on how the syllabus was constructed, the students were disciplened. Modi was given a detailed presentation by the Deputy Minister for education , Maekawa Kehai about how Japan's education system works; However, he highlighted particularly the one run by the government.

Relating to the plight of the Japanese when a deadly earthquake destroyed the Taimei Elementry School, but was later constructed. "I know what it is when schools are destroyed due to quakes. I recall what happened in Anjar on 26th January, 2001," Modi said.

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