Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton jugalbandi: Together they rock, redefine women power

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It was a ladies day out, as the former first lady Hillary Clinton, who is also running for president, shared the campaign stage for the first time with the current first lady Michelle Obama on Thursday.

Together they looked great, shared outstanding camaraderie and redefined women power.

Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton

Hillary made her first joint campaign appearance with one of her most powerful supporters, first lady Michelle, at a North Carolina rally to urge young people and women to vote.

"I wish I didn't have to say this. ... But indeed, dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election," Clinton told her supporters at the rally.

"And I want to thank our first lady for her eloquent, powerful defence of that basic value."

Michelle told the crowd that Hillary was absolutely ready to be the next commander-in-chief.

"She is ready to be commander-in-chief on Day one, and yes, she happens to be a woman."

"I am out here first and foremost because we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend Hillary Clinton. Never before in our lifetime. I say this everywhere I go," Michelle said.

"I admire and respect Hillary. She has been a lawyer, a law professor, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the US, a US Senator, secretary of state. She has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. Yes, more than Barack (Obama). More than Bill (Clinton)," Michelle added.

Watch the video of the speech by Michelle below:

Once again, Michelle criticised the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and asked the voters not to get swayed by his strategy.

During the election campaign, we saw how Michelle emerged as one of the most vocal anti-Trump voices.

Trump, because of his constant sexist remarks, several sexual harassment charges and the leak of a lewd audio tape, is being branded as an anti-women politician.

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