'Michael Jackson' shot dead in Sydney

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Sydney, Aug 19: A crocodile nicknamed Michael Jackson was shot dead in the Adelaide river in Sydney on Tuesday after the animal apparently killed a fisherman who waded into the river. 

According to a Daily Times report, the 57-year-old fisherman went missing after he jumped into the river to disentangle his fishing line. His wife informed the authorities after he failed to return. The crocodile, about 4.5 metres (15 foot) long, attacked and killed the fisherman, said the authorities who added, "The initial information is that wife did not see him taken but (heard) a scream and then turned around and saw a tail splashing in the water".

The fisherman's body was later recovered from the water. Adelaide river is a popular 'crocodile' destination. There are many boats in the area which carry tourists to see crocodiles. 

"If it is Michael Jackson it'd be a very sad event. He's a unique half-albino. He's a very nice crocodile," Adelaide River Queen Cruises owner Tony Blums told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation . Blums told ABC News that there was about one crocodile for every 100 metres of river. "Michael Jackson would have been "just below the water" before he attacked the fisherman", he said.

"The croc has only been doing what nature intends it to do, and that's survival," Tony told the ABC. "They know how to do three major things: eat, reproduce and aggression. If you're not going to look after yourself, you'll find yourself being eaten."

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