MH370: Reports about sightings in Maldives untrue, says Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, March 19: Malaysian transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein on Wednesday briefed reporters about the search operation of MH370, the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

He said reports about sightings of the missing flight in Maldives were not right. He added that the aircraft was flying at a normal routine.

The passengers, pilots and crew are innocent until proven guilty, Hussein said

Hussein further said that some data were deleted from the flight simulator at the pilot's residence. Some forensic experts were looking into the matter. He also said that the passengers, pilots and crew of the plane innocent until proven guilty. He also appealed to the people not to make unnecessary speculation for the sake of the families of those who are on board.

He also said that Malasysia has received radar data but could not reveal it as it came from another country. He added that Malaysia was assembling high-level team which will travel to Beijing.

Hussein said the authorities needed to analyse the evidence that they are receiving.

In Sepang

A Chinese relative of passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane cries as she holds a banner in front of journalists reading 'We are against the Malaysian government for hiding the truth and delaying the rescue. Release our families unconditionally!" at a hotel in Sepang, Malaysia, Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Malaysian authorities examined new radar data from Thailand that could potentially give clues on how to retrace the course of the Malaysia Airlines plane that vanished early March 8 with 239 people aboard en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Twenty-six countries are looking for the aircraft as relatives anxiously await news.

In Sepang

A Chinese relative of a passenger aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane is carried out by security officials as she protests before a press conference at a hotel in Sepang, Malaysia, Wednesday, March 19, 2014. New radar data from Thailand gave Malaysian investigators more potential clues Wednesday for how to retrace the course of the missing Malaysian airliner, while a massive multinational search unfolded in an area the size of Australia.

In Beijing

A relative of a Chinese passenger aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shows a paper reading "Hunger strike protest, Respect life, Return my relative, Don't want become victim of politics, Tell the truth" as she speaks to the media outside a hotel ballroom after attending a briefing held by airlines' officials in Beijing, China, Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

In Makati

Students from the Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino High School walk on a mural depicting the missing Malaysia Airlines plane Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

In Kuala Lumpur

People holding balloons pose next to a message reading "Pray for MH370" during an event for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, March 17, 2014.

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