MH370: Fresh proof at new crash site

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Perth/Kuala Lumpur, March 29: Fresh pieces of evidence, regarding the missing MH370 plane, have been found at the new area that was suggested yesterday by experts. The siting of objects in the new area of the southern Indian Ocean have raised hopes about the destiny of the plane.

Australian experts who are co-ordinating the operation had suggested a dramatic shift in the area of the search, 1,100 kilometers north of the previous search site after calculating that the plane was travelling faster and for a shorter distance after vanishing from the civilian radars on March 8. This deduction was made, analysing the radar and satellite data.

Experts believe that the first citings may finally throw some light on the missing plane. In fact, five international aircraft had spotted "multiple objects of various colours", 1850 kilometers west of Perth.

Flight Lieutenant Jamin Baker, who was on a New Zealand Airforce Orion, spotted several items and marked the area with a marker buoy.

"Obviously we don't know if these (objects) are associated with the aircraft yet but it certainly looks like we are seeing a lot more debris and just general flotsam in the water, so we could be on to something here," Baker said.

A Chinese navy ship was in the area and is likely to help recover objects on Saturday. Some of the other ships will be joining it too, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

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