MH 17: Teen's father 'thanks' culprits for taking his daughter's life

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Malaysian Airline
Hague (The Netherlands), July 22: The bereaved father of a 17-year old passenger in the ill-fated MH 17 has written an ironic open letter to the one who brought down the plane.

The distress and the frustration reflects in the way he 'thanks' the offenders for killing his daughter Elsemiek.

"Thank you very much Mr (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, separatist leaders or the Ukrainian government, for murdering my dear and only child," Hans de Borst said in the letter published by Dutch media on Monday.

"Suddenly she's gone. Shot out of the sky in a foreign war-torn country," he further added later in the letter.

The shaken parent relives bits and pieces of her life through the letter, putting anyone with a human conscience to shame. He says,"Elsemiek was going to finish school next year with her best friends Julia and Marine (who were not on the flight), and she was doing well. She wanted to study civil engineering at Delft University, and she was really excited."

"I hope that you're proud to have destroyed her young life and that you can look at yourself in the mirror. I hope that you will read this message soon, maybe translated into English (which you, as intelligent men, can read)."

"Thanks Again!"

MH 17, a Malaysian Airline was brought down allegedly by a missile fired by pro-Kremlin separatists. The missile is said to have been bought from Russia. However, Russia blames the Ukrainian Government.

The FB post of Hans de Borst reads like this:

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