(Pics) MH370: Relatives of Chinese onboard threaten 'hunger strike'

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Kuala Lumpur, March 18: Disappointed by the way Malaysia was dealing with the MH370 crisis, the relatives of the Chinese onboard have threatened a hunger strike if the Malaysian government failed to provide anything concrete. "Now we have no news, and everyone is understandably worried. The relatives say they will go to the (Malaysian) embassy to find the ambassador," said a person whose son was onboard.

He further added,"The Malaysian ambassador should be presenting himself here. But he's not." A native of the eastern province of Shandong, he said that many people have stopped coming to the meetings as they do not bear anything fruitful. "The authorities say the same thing everyday".

The search operations have entered its 11th day with no results. Two-third of the passengers onboard were Chinese, which is why China expects Malaysia to expediate the rescue operation process. Beijing has criticized Malaysia's sharing of information, even as its citizens express their anger through slogans and placards. One could spot a lady with a placard, which said,"Respect life. Give us back our families."

She said,"Since they haven't given us the truth about those people's lives, all of us are protesting. All the relatives are facing mental breakdowns."

In Beijing

A relative of a Chinese passenger aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shows a paper reading "Hunger strike protest, Respect life, Return my relative, Don't want become victim of politics, Tell the truth" as she speaks to the media outside a hotel ballroom after attending a briefing held by airlines' officials in Beijing, China, Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Families of the passengers aboard the missing plane decided to organize a hunger strike to express their anger and disappointment at the handling of the situation by authorities. They decided on the action after a daily morning meeting with two officials from Malaysia Airlines. The plane has been missing since March 8, and contradictory information plus the fact there has been no sign of the plane has left family members frustrated.

In Kuala Lumpur

People holding balloons pose next to a message reading "Pray for MH370" during an event for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, March 17, 2014.

In Beijing

A relative shows the media a screen of his mobile phone while calling a mobile phone number of a Chinese passenger aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 during a demonstration at a hotel ballroom in Beijing, China, Monday, March 17, 2014. The relative claims that the dialing tone kept ringing, hut failed to connect, indicating that the mobile phone was switched on.

In United Nation

In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, crew members on board an aircraft P-8A Poseidon assist in search and rescue operations for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, March 16, 2014. Malaysian authorities on Sunday examined a flight simulator that was confiscated from the home of one of the missing jetliner's pilots. The Boeing 777 went missing less than an hour into a March 8, flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing as it entered Vietnamese airspace.

In Sepang

An unidentified woman with her face painted, depicting the flight of the missing Malaysia Airline, MH370, poses in front of the "wall of hope" at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Malaysia, Monday, March 17, 2014.

In Makati

Students from the Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino High School walk on a mural depicting the missing Malaysia Airlines plane Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at their campus at Makati city, east of Manila, Philippines.

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