MH 370: A new theory that shows we may have been overdoing

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Kuala Lumpur, March 19:Elevan days into the search operation of the ill-fated MH370 did not bring any results. All we have had are a handful of theories to stand by and imagine the last few minutes of the airplane before it lost all contacts with the ground.

But, here is one that is not as crazily framed as the past few, but speaks logic and provides a simple explanation.

According to a report by the Business Insider, a former pilot Chris Goodfellow, provided an explanation that fit into the SOPs of a pilot training during emergency.

He explains that the sharp turn backwards is an indication that the pilots may have encountered a problem onboard and were heading for the closest runway to land the plane.

A fire in the tyre could have forced the pilots to have diverted the plane to Langkawi airport for emergency landing. Captain Zaharie with his experience and expertise knew which was the closest and apt runway available and headed toward its without second thoughts.

Meanwhile, the tyre may have exumed smoke inside the cabin, shutting off all systems-transponders and ACARS. In their efforts to save the flight, the Zaharie and his co-pilot may have engaged themselves in all possible tactics to escape crashing. But they were finally choked to unconsiousness or death due to the smoke.

Zaharie would certainly have placed the flight on auto-pilot when he decided landing in Langkawi. This would have enabled the plane to have circled in the pre-feeded arc (with no one to guide it manually) for 7 hours before the fuel exhausted and the plane crashed. [Read complete theory]

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