MH 17 witness says body of a woman fell through the roof

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Eyewitnesses recount MH17 horror
Kiev, July 21: Eyewitnesses who saw the Malaysian airline MH17 being shot down say, 'it was raining bodies from the sky.'

Little did Inna Tipunova, a resident of the village close to the crash site, know that she would be a witness to 'Number 26.' On the ill-fated day when the Malaysian flight was shot down, Tipunova was called by her son who said that a 'bomb had fallen of through the roof.'

Tipunova spoke to The Australian (read here) and said after reaching her son's home they realised it was not a bomb, but a human body that had fallen off the roof. To her shock, when she reached home she saw the body, blood and other things smeared on the walls.

Tipunova said that the police officials had named her number 26 as they didn't know her identity.

"She was only half a person but she was a woman, maybe in her 50s," she said. Tipunova was curious as she wanted to know who Number 26 was. Everyone here cried for two days, she says.

Tipunova is not the only one with such soul shaking stories. Many from her village have said that they too witnessed bodies falling from the sky after the plane was shot down.

Locals said a total of 38 bodies landed in their village.

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