MH17 tragedy: Passengers' bodies being kept in refrigerated box cars

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MH17: Bodies kept in refigerator trucks
Torez, July 21: Four days after the ill-fated Malaysian airline MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine, investigation teams are combing the crash site and trying to recover bodies of passengers from the flight.

Many reports now suggest that as many as 200 bodies are being kept in refrigerated box cars in a railway station by pro-Russian rebels. The Ukrainian government also looks helpless as the area in which MH17 crashed is controlled by the rebels.

Meanwhile the US has made no qualms of hitting out at Russia, saying that there was powerful evidence to show that the plane was shot down by a Russia surface-to-air missile.

Apparently the rebels are even making things deifficult for the international investigation teams who are near the crash site.

Many world leaders even condemned the presence of rebels saying that they were tampering with the site and were destrroying evidence.

As of Sunday 251 bodeis have been recovered from the crash site.

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