Mesmerising notes: Visionary sculptor builds world’s 1st ice ‘music’ cave

Sculptor Tim Linhart took twenty years to carve out the world’s first ice cave to host music concerts in Sweden.

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Imagine a musical concert hosted in an ice cave. Surprised? We were too!

But this is a feat achieved by sculptor and music aficionado Tim Linhart who is credited of carving out the world's first ice cave to exclusively host music concerts in Lulea, Sweden. In the ice cave, all the instruments are carved out of ice only, by Tim, who took 20 years to build a unique cave.

Here we bring you a few pictures that showcase Tim's--the visionary-dream cave.

Look, I have got an ice guitar

Tim smiles while he holds a guitar chiselled out from ice

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Ice produces music

A view of the musical ice cave in Lulea, Sweden.

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Strumming an icy guitar

A musician performs during a concert inside the musical cave.

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Inside the cave

The huge ice cave is a unique way of appreciating music.

Picture credit: Facebook page of Tim


Roadside music

Tim, who is also a musician, plays the flute fluently on a street

Picture credit: Facebook page of Tim


It all started with a guitar

Tim decided to build the ice cave after he first chiselled a string bass completely out of ice

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