Meet the dirtiest man on earth

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Iran, May 16: People who hate bathing now have an argument for their wives. Here's an 80 year old man who hasn't bathed for the past 60 years and is still 'healthy'. What more, his favorite food is rotten dead porcupine and he likes moking a pipe filled with animal feces.

Amou Haji's interesting lifestyle was the product of a series of 'unfortunate incidents' when he came to believe that "cleanliness brings him sickness" and chose to live a life of isolation in the Southern Iranian province of Fars.


Hai lives in a hole in the ground, almost like a graveyard, while he has another home made by brick shack by the people feeling sorry for him. Haji is happy with his lifestyle and that is evident when he justifies saying that the lack of belongings and attachments make him happy.

Indeed, an example of survival without the first world conveniences!

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