Unprecedented mass DNA test in France to trace schoolgirl's rapist

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France: Mass DNA test to trace rapist
La Rochelle (France), April 15: Male students and teachers at fenelon-Notre Dame, a French private catholic high school here on Monday provided the police with DNA samples in an operation to trace the rapist of a 16-year-old student on the premises last September.

The unprecedented operation has raised a question about human rights violation after the prosecutor, isabelle Pagenelle, handling the matter warned that anyone refusing to comply would be held suspect. According to some legal experts, one has every right to refuse to give DNA samples if he is not in

Over 250 out of the 527 men and boys who were asked to provide thair blood samples complied by the end of the day.

The operation has raised questions about human rights violation

Pagenelle said the procedure was conducted smoothly with no objections from any quarters. The process is expected to continue till Wednesday. Samples will be collected from all those who were present at the premises when the crime took place.

The victim was attacked inside a toilet and all the lights were turned off at the time of the rape as a result of which she could not identify the culprit.

The male DNA samples collected from her clothing will be compared with the samples taken from 527 males.

The school has about 1,200 students.

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