Man enters White House premises the same day Canada faces attacks

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Man breaches White House security
Washington, Oct 23: Soon after the shootings that rocked Canadian capital Ottawa on Wednesday, a man was arrested by the US Secret Service personnel here for jumping over the White House fence. The latest breach comes about a month after the last intrusion when a man entered the premises and went past the security agents in uniform and entered the mansion.

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In case of the latest intrusion, Secret Service officers used dogs to tame the man before he could enter the building, official sources said. The incident took place after 7 pm. The intruder, couldn't be identified, was sent to a local hospital for check-up.

Video footage showed the man in shorts lifted his shirt to show he was unarmed. He then kicked a police dog that chased him and tried to get rid of another before he was brought under control. Security personnel in Washington were alerted after the shootout in neighbouring Canada where a soldier was killed.

The security arrangement in front of the White House was heightened following the intrusion of September 19. The authorities were trying to find out how another person could clear the added barrier and the fence. A series of security lapses involving the agency saw Julia Pierson stepping down as the chief of US Secret Service on October 1, 2014.

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