Malaysian plane: What was Thailand waiting for?

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Malaysian plane: What was Thailand waiting for?
Bangkok, March 18: According to reports, Thailand's military radar detected a plane, that may have been Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, just few minutes after the flight's communications went down. But they informed the investigators one week later because 'it wasn't specifically asked for it'.

It was a crucial information divulged by Thailand which took the search for the plane to the Strait of Malacca and later, to Indian Ocean. Reportedly, Thai military doesn't know whether it detected the same plane.

Although the information dones't crucially impact the ongoing search for the plane which went missing 10 days ago, the delay in sharing the information shows the lack of coordination between countries in the search operation.

Why the delay?

Here is what Thai aviation department said: "Because we did not pay any attention to it. The Royal Thai Air Force only looks after any threats against our country, so anything that did not look like a threat to us, we simply look at it without taking actions."

Malaysia's initial request for information was not specific, the department added.

"When they asked again and there was new information and assumptions from (Malaysian) Prime Minister Najib Razak, we took a look at our information again," Montol said. "It didn't take long for us to figure out, although it did take some experts to find out about it."

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