Malayasian Airline: Who is 'Mr. Ali'?

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Malaysian Airline
Kuala Lumpur, March 11: As Interpol and the Malaysian investigators fish through the profiles of the passengers, especially the five who disembarked the plane and their luggage at the last moment, speculations over the hijacking angle are getting stronger.

Experts are also trying to figure out the details of the passengers who were on board with a stolen passport. A further dig into the matter revealed that they were bought tickets from a shadowy Iranian agent Mr Ali, raising apprehensions of terrorists involved in the disappearance.

In fact, a Thai travel agent informed investigators that "Ali" had paid for the tickets in cash. Investigators further reveal that the passports were swiped in Thailand in 2012 from an Austrian name Christian Kozel and an Italian national named Luigi Maraldi.

The latter, however, showed his current passport to reporters in Thailand. Throwing some more light on "Mr Ali", the travel agent said that she had done business with him on several other occassions and that there was no way that he might have known about the stolen passports.

She also said that Ali did not ask for that very flight, but wanted the cheapest flight for his clients from Malaysia to Europe.

"We have to look further into this Mr. Ali's identity because it's almost a tradition to use an alias when doing business around here," Lt. Col. Ratchthapong Tia-sood, the Thai police said.

Back at the immigration, a CCTV footage showed one of these men as a look-alike of Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli. Sources said, these two men were flying to China to catch a connecting KLM flight to Amsterdam, from where one of them would have flown to Frankfurt and another one to Copenhagen.

The administration further confirmed that none of the phoney fliers were Asian and were Black. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether they were African.

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