Libya abductions: Why only 2 out of 4 Indian teachers were released?

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Tripoli, Aug 3: While two teachers walked into freedom, the other two abducted allegedly by ISIS militants continue to remain in captivity. While there is no word on what the negotiations were, going by the accounts of those in captivity, the militants had a change of heart because they were teachers.

The question now is why are the two persons from Hyderabad still in captivity while the two teachers from Karnataka were let off? All the four set out of their homes at the same time, but in separate vehicles. While the militants abducted them, the two from Karnataka were kept in a separate place.

Libya abductions: Why only 2 out of 4 were released?

Not in the same place

The two men from Hyderabad were kept in a separate room. They were in a different vehicle and hence fell behind the car which had Vijaykumar and Ramakrishna the two teachers from Karnataka.

Going by the account of the two teachers from Karnataka, they were kept in a tiny dark room. Hours later one person walked in to their room and asked them about their identity.

When they told them that they were teachers, the man seem to be impressed and decided to let them off.

However, in the case of the teachers from Hyderabad, there has been no word even as the government continues to secure their release. Had all the four been in the same room, they would have got a similar benefit.

Delay in securing release

There has been an outbreak of fighting in Libya. In fact the fighting has turned intense. This has created a problem and India is unable to negotiate their release.

We are making all efforts to secure their release, but the fighting that broke out has delayed the process. However we are confident that they will be released, a senior official in the Ministry for External Affairs informed.

So far there has been no demand that has been made to release the Gopalkrishna and Balram who hail from Hyderabad. Their families sit in prayer each day hoping that the two would come back soon.

We have been assured by the government that everything is being done to secure their release. We were a bit taken aback when we realized that only two were released, the family members say.

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