Kidnapped, beaten, sold and raped -- What happens at slave markets run by ISIS

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Paris, Sept 3: 18-year-old Jinan, a Yazidi girl, was lucky enough to escape the trap laid by ISIS, one of the most horrible terror group in the world.

Jinan was one among the women who were kidnapped and sold at the sexual slave markets run by the ISIS in Iraq. She describe her ordeal in a book which will be launched on Friday, Sept 4.

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ISIS (File Photo)

Jinan wrote that ISIS has been operating an international slave market in Iraq where the terrorists sell Christian and Yazidi women as sexual slaves.

After kidnapping Jinan, ISIS changed her locations several times. Later she was bought by two men, a former policeman and an imam.

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Speaking about once incident where Yazidi prisoners were locked up in a house, Jinan wrore, "They tortured us, tried to forcefully convert us. If we refused we were beaten, chained outdoors in the sun, forced to drink water with dead mice in it. Sometimes they threatened to torture us with electricity."

She also wrote, "These men are not human. They only think of death, killing. They take drugs constantly. They seek vengeance against everyone. They say that one day Islamic State (ISIS) will rule over the whole world."

She also met ISIS men who used to say, "That one has big breasts. But I want a Yazidi with blue eyes and pale skin. Those are the best apparently. I am willing to pay the price."

In her book, Jinan wrote that best-looking girls used to be reserved for the bosses or wealthy clients from Gulf nations.

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