Kerry endorses Obama's speech against ISIS in Baghdad

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Kerry endorses Obama's speech against ISIS in Baghdad
Baghdad, Sept 11: The US secretary of state John Kerry, who is in Baghdad, on Thursday endorsed US president Barack Obama's plan to tackle ISIS terror. (Read here: Barack Obama: Will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country)

"We are uniting the world against a unified threat, and the president's strategy will succeed because doing it with allies and partners isn't just smart, it's strong", said Kerry in Baghdad. He is in Iraqi capital to extend US' support to the new government in the country.

"Defeating this common enemy calls for a common cause, and we're taking it on to succeed together," Kerry continued.

Reportedly, Kerry will also travel to Amman, Jordan and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to rally support for the fight against ISIS this week.

Saudi Arabia has also agreed to "fully cooperate" with the US on training moderate Syrian rebels to help combat the group.

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