Italy: Woman protester charged for 'sexual assault' for 'kissing' cop

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Rome, Dec 18: In India, the accused in 'sexual assault' cases are not easily charged but in Italy, a peaceful woman protester was charged on Monday for the grave crime as she 'planted a kiss on a the helmet of a police officer'.

According to a report, 20-year-old Nina De Chiffrethe, an Italian student protester was photographed as she kissed the police officer Salvatore Piccione during a demonstration against a planned rail link in the northwestern village of Susa in Italy, last month.

As her kissing photograph went viral on socila media, the gesture was hailed as a symbol of peaceful protest.

However, the police authorities booked Nina De Chiffrethe and said that "they have accused the protester of sexual violence and insulting a public official."

Nina also licked her fingers & touched police officer's mouth after kissing him.

Franco Maccari, the union's general secretary told La Repubblica said, "If the policeman had kissed her, World War III would have broken out. Or what if I had patted her on the behind? She would have been outraged. So if she does that to a man on duty, should it be tolerated?"

"A kiss is a positive thing. But in this context, between these two people, it was just disrespect", he added.

Later, it emerged that Nina De Chiffre had not only kissed the young police officer but had also 'licked her fingers' and 'touched his mouth'.

Meanwhile, Salvatore Piccione, the 'sexual assault victim' said, " When I'm wearing my uniform I represent the police institution, and I have an obligation not to react to provocation."

"The important thing is that, in the end, the demonstration went ahead without disturbance", he further said.

Even, Time magazine termed this act as "the best protest tactic you've ever seen."

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