Italy: Indian couple kills Iranian woman for refusing sexual advances

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Milan , Feb 6: In a shocking incident, an Indian couple has been arrested on charges of murdering an Iranian student as she reportedly refused to join them in their sexual act.

According to a news report, the accused couple Gagandeep Kaur, 30 and Rajeshwar Singh 28, shared a room with 29-year-old costume design student, Mahtab Savoki, in Milan.

Singh had allegedly made sexual advances to Savoki previously and she was due to move out on the day, she was found dead.

Savoki reportedly told her friends that 'she was not getting along with her roommates'.

Savoki told her friends that 'she was not getting along with her roommates.

The couple claimed that she had drunk a lot of whisky on Sunday night and they panicked after finding her dead, so they hid her corpse in suitcase.

They allegedly took 400-mile round trip to Venice to dump her body.

Last week, Savoki's naked body was found in a suitcase floating in a lagoon. An autopsy report conducted on Savoki revealed that she died of 'asphyxiation'.

Because of couple's contradictory accounts, Police believe that Savoki may have rejected sexual advances made by them.

Alessandro Giuliano, head of Milan's top crime squad said that the husband-wife duo was captured on CCTV footage, as arriving in Venice with the suitcase after dumping the body before taking a Euro 500 taxi ride back to Milan.

Gagandeep Kaur worked as a waitress and her husband Rajeshwar Singh worked as hotel porter.

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