Istanbul & Brussels terror attacks: A lot of similarities

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Ankara, June 29: Thirty-six people were killed in a deadly terror attack at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport late on Tuesday (June 28). The tragedy bears a lot of similarities with the attacks that occurred at the Zaventem Airport in Belgian capital Brussels on March 22, leading to the death of 35 people. [Istanbul terror attacks took place when Turkey was mending ties with Israel & Russia]

In case of Brussels, the attacks also included one at Maalbeek metro station. Over 270 people were injured in that attack which was carried out by three Daesh terorists, while 147 were injured in the latest attack in Istanbul.
Three militants were also behind the Istanbul attack and they blew themselves when taken on by the security forces. Daesh's role in the incident was not ruled out. [Turkey terror attacks: what is the conflict about?]

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In case of the Brussels attack, two terrorists attacked the airport and while the other carried out the explosion at the metro station; in case of Istanbul, two terrorists attacked the airport terminals while the other carried out an explosion in the parking lot.

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