ISIS using cloud technology for continued online presence

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New Delhi, Oct 14: The use of cloud technology has now caught the attention of the ISIS. The ISIS which runs a website called the boasts that is far superior to YouTube and also speaks of how they are using cloud technology.

The members who are running this website have thrown an open challenge to security agencies that they will continue to function even if they are blocked. This platform which is being run by technologically advanced jihadis claims to maintain an online presence at all given times.


The use of cloud technology:

The makers of say that they put up the latest videos relating to the ISIS. Right from videos of a Jihadi John beheading someone to the return of the Gold Dinar, this site boasts of possibly every propaganda content of the ISIS.

We maintain a continued online presence, those behind this website claim. We use cloud technology so that when the website is deleted it pops up in another server. In a discussion on the website it was also claimed that they have several backups of the site and no matter how many times it is blocked or deleted it will always pop up in another server and hence the online presence is continuous, they claim.

The site was built in response to YouTube tough policy where it will block any objectionable video. The ISIS sympathizers have been working on this site since May 2015 and today it is available in Arabic, French, English, Russian and Turkish.

Blocked in India:

This website has several subscribers and viewers. Those operating the website even claim that there are disbelievers too who visit their site. In India too, a lot of those interested in viewing content would log into a website called to view information relating to the ISIS or even watch videos.

The Maharashtra ATS has however ordered that the website be blocked as it was causing a lot of problems. There were many posts relating to India and this had the police worried. Moreover, Maharashtra has been facing the ISIS problem for long.

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